How to Choose Your Happy Oats

How to Choose Your Happy Oats

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How to Choose Your Happy Oats

Bakery On Main offers three different types of oats in our new Happy Oats Line; Steel Cut, Rolled, and Quick. Though they all sound great, what’s the difference? We’re going to clear that up for you so you can choose the perfect type of Happy Oats for whatever it is you are making!

Oats 101

All oats are derived from an oat kernel called the groat. From there, the only thing that separates each type of oat is how they are cut and processed. How each variety is produced will then effect each types cook time and texture, making different oats better for making different types of foods. Despite how each variety is produced, they are all still simply oats that have not had anything added to them. This gives each type a very similar and healthy nutritional profile.

Steel Cut

Our Happy Steel Cut Oats are simply the oat kernel cut into several smaller pieces. It almost resembles small pieces of rice when looking at it. This variety takes the longest to cook. When cooked, it has a somewhat chewy texture that holds its shape well after cooking.

Due to its ability to keep its shape after cooking, Steel Cut Oats are great for adding texture to what you’re making. You can add it to meatloaf, soups, stuffing, baking, or have it for breakfast the way you normally like your oatmeal (using steel cut oats for oatmeal is sometimes called Irish Oatmeal).


Our Happy Rolled Oats are the oat kernels after they are steamed and flattened. Steaming the kernels helps them to become more flexible and soft so they can be pressed into the small, flat, oval-like shape we all recognize oats as being.

Rolled oats have a faster cooking time than steel cut oats due to having more surface area to absorb liquid. They hold their shape and texture fairly well during cooking, making them great for breakfast and in baking things such as muffins, cookies, and granola bars.


Our Happy Quick Oats have the fastest cook time of our Happy Oats. This is because these are made by pre-cooking the oat kernels by steaming them for a longer amount of time than the rolled oats. They are then dried and pressed slightly thinner than the rolled oats. This accelerates the cooking time of the oats but in turn causes them to lose some of their texture in that cooking process.

Quick oats can be used as a replacement for rolled oats in baking while providing a little less texture in the final product. They are also perfect for a fast and healthy breakfast, giving you a softer consistency oatmeal.

With three options of Bakery On Main Happy Oats to choose from, it is easy to find the exact type of oats you need to give your breakfast, dinner, baked good, appetizer, or snack the perfect texture and consistency that will make you and anyone you share your dish with happy!